Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Entries to the Asylum - June 4th 2013.

Nice early morning update for you all today.
Couple of entries to the Asylum today:

Halo 2 Collector's Edition Steelcase [PAL - Mint and Sealed].
The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS Console (+ OoT 3D) [Mint and Sealed].
Resident Evil 4 PS2 Chainsaw Controller [Brand New and Mint].

Thank you to Gav over at CE.org for those three :)

Also received:

Dead Space 3 EU Preorder Bonus Steelbook (G1).
Bioshock Infinite Fink Mfg. Preorder Bonus Steelbook (G1).
Bioshock Infinite Preorder Bonus Wallet.

Thanks to Ryaku at CE.org for those, and thank you to Gav for forwarding them on to me :)

There could possibly be more things arriving later, since the postie won't have been until around half 1, so if there is more to be added, I will just write a new post with the other stuff :)


EDIT: Late entry to the Asylum today: Finding Nemo Steelbook from Zavvi.com :)

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