Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fable Anniversary.

Being a huge fan of Fable II and III, the announcement yesterday of Fable Anniversary coming to Xbox 360 this holiday season (TBC) is awesome.

I didn't own an original Xbox, and only got an Xbox 360 in 2007 as a present from my grandparents for passing my exams. The Xbox came with two games: a bundle copy of Viva Piñata and Forza Motorsport 2, neither of which I was too interested in. So my grandparents allowed me to choose one other game to go with it, and since I didn't really know what any of the games were about, I chose Fable II, since it looked the most interesting.

I absolutely loved it, and still to this day, it ranks highly on my favourite games list (but Allan assures me that if I had played the first one beforehand, then heard all of Peter Molyneux's false promises about Fable II, then I wouldn't like it as much).

Way back in early 2010, I went on the hunt for a copy of Fable since I knew that it could play on the 360, and once I found a copy I quickly came home to play it, but the graphics, due to it being a game from the previous generation, were offputting. So the announcement of a fully redone Fable (w/ The Lost Chapters DLC) is super exciting for me, as it means I will finally be able to play through what Allan refers to as: the best Fable game EVER.

I also liked Fable III, and we got the Collector's Edition of it, as well as the Limited Edition Strategy Guide (and I later got my Collector's Edition game signed by all of Lionhead!) but I did prefer II to III.

I am really hoping that they bring out a Limited Edition of Fable Anniversary, since there are quite a few ideas that I'd like to see:

- Plush chicken.
- Chicken Kicker medal (maybe?)
- Jack of Blades mask.

Obviously, without having played the game the first time round, I don't really know any other ideas for what a Limited Edition version could include, but if you have any ideas, feel free to post in the comments below (and share this post around, the more people shout for a Limited Edition, the more likely we are to get one!)

Anyway, all this Fable news has put me in the mood to go re-play II. 
So enjoy the Fable Anniversary teaser trailer in my absence:


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