Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sony Post-E3 Round Up.

Apologies for the late update for this, and apologies (again) for it being the bare essentials, as I slept through the conference last night...

Sony have revealed that the PlayStation 4 will launch later this year, at a price of £349 in the UK. £80 cheaper than the Xbox One.

There are currently 140 games in development for the PS4, with 100 of these planned to be released within the first year. 

Launch Titles.

- Deep Down (Capcom).
- Destiny (Bungie).
- Diablo III (Blizzard).
- Driveclub (Evolution Studios).
- Final Fantasy (Square Enix).
- inFamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch).
- Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerrilla Games).
- Knack (Sony).
- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD Projekt RED).
- Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft).

Instant On.

The PS4 will be ready when you are, instantly putting you back to where you were in a game when you turned it off.

Second Hand Games.

Sony will not impose any blocks on second hand games, or sharing them with friends. Here is a little video they made (a dig at Xbox, of course):

and last but not least... 

The Console.

Am I the only one that feels like it's just trying to look the same as the Xbox One? Of course, this design (and Microsoft's design for the One) has probably been planned for a long time, but I bet Sony are kicking themselves for not showing the console during their first video waaay back. Because then it would have been the other way around, it would have looked like Microsoft copied them.

I suppose at least they will match well underneath the TV...

PlayStation 4 Specifications.

CPU: low power x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores
GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next engine
Memory: GDDR5 8GB
Hard Disk Drive: Built –in
Optical Drive (Read only): BD 6xCAV, DVD 8xCAV
I/O: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0), AUX
Communication: Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR)
AV output: HDMI, Analog-AV out, Digital Output (optical)

DualShock 4 specifications.

External Dimensions: Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm
Weight: Approx. 210g (tentative)
Buttons: PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Left/Right), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), R1/L1/R2/L2/R3/L3, Right stick, Left stick, Touch Pad Button, Touch Pad 2 Point Touch Pad, Click Mechanism, Capacitive Type
Other Features: Light Bar, Vibration, Built-in Mono Speaker
Ports: USB (Micro B), Extention Port, Stereo Headset Jack
Wireless communication: Bluetooth® Ver2.1+EDR

PS4 camera specifications.

External Dimension: Approx. 186mm x 27mm x 27mm
Weight: Approx. 183g
Video Pixel: (Maximum) 1280 x 800 pixel x 2
Video Frame Rate: 1280x800 pixel @ 60fps, 640x400 pixel @ 120fps, 320x192 pixel @ 240fps
Video Format: RAW, YUV (uncompressed)
Lens: Dual Lenses, F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Field-of-View: 85 degrees
Microphone: 4 Channel Microphone Array
Connection Type: PS4 dedicated connector (AUX connector)
Cable Length: Approx. 2m (tentative)

So after all of that, which console are you going for on launch?
We'll still be going for the Xbox One, and then pick up a PS4 later, especially as it appears that Xbox One's launch lineup is a lot more varied, and larger.
Will still definitely pick up a PS4 at some point though.


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