Monday, 17 June 2013


Today has brought with it the first ever time I've ever witnessed a photo of mine being "stolen". 
One of my photos for my Assassin's Creed III Join or Die Edition unboxing has been taken and used for someone's listing on eBay (with my watermark blurred out).

I dunno, it's weird having a photo used by someone else. Someone I more than likely do not know. Not because it's *my* photo, but I don't like it when images are taken from someone else for a selling site, as the person might not actually own the item and just want to rip people off (not that this is necessarily what this seller is doing, of course). Same goes for why I rarely buy from listings that use stock images. But in the other hand, plenty of people could use "stolen" photos for their listings, and you'd never know. I dunno, haha.

Anyway, I planned on doing this from the start, but will definitely do it from now on when documenting my collection - putting a transparent watermark straight over the item in the image, instead of beside it. This way people are far less likely to use my images.

I hope to get a photography corner set up again once my new laptop arrives, that way I can get straight back into the swing of things, with unboxings, reviews, etc. As right now, these are all severely lacking on this site!

What item(s) would you like to see unboxed (either in video or photo form), or reviewed first, once I get my new laptop?

A few movie and game reviews will be coming shortly (before the laptop arrives), so keep an eye out for those!


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