Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summer in Scotland.

It appears that we are finally getting into summer here in Scotland.

We haven't had a decent summer for years now - or at least it feels that way - but we've had days of endless sunshine this week, albeit it is far too hot.

Aye, us Scots moan that's it's never sunny, then when the sun comes out, we moan that it's too hot. Go figure.

Today has been a tough day with a grumpy toddler in the warm, sticky weather. Yesterday was worse though, if I'm being honest. He's now off to his gran's house for the night (his usual Saturday night escapade), and will be back in the morning.

That gives me time to get the house sorted - if only for one night! - and get some games played. Not really sure what game I'm in the mood for, though. Might just play Worms since that's what is currently in the Xbox. Either that, or start something new.

Decisions, decisions.

Was hoping for a delivery today, but nothing has shown up yet. Got quite a few things on the way, and lots of things planned (not for right now, but across the year), so there should be lots of nice updates for you all as and when things arrive :)

As usual, things are getting cramped in the Asylum, but surprisingly we've (*cough* Allan has *cough*) managed to move things around within the collection, therefore having more items on the shelves (albeit, the shelves are now even more 'storage' than display than before) and we actually have nothing on the floor in front of the shelves now, which is major for us. No doubt as deliveries arrive soon, things will revert back to their old ways, but at least for now, it is all nice and tidy.

We're severely needing more shelving however, since there are a lot of things due to be arriving in the Asylum over the next few months, so we'll definitely need to find locations for everything soon.

Here in the Asylum, we've been late-watchers for many series, due to the fact that there are so many we want to watch.

In November last year, we received the Game of Thrones Season One Limited Edition Gift Set. It includes the Season One boxset, as well as a replica dragon egg, and packaged in a lovely box (I'll do a review on this at some point soon). We intended to watch it at the point we received it, but Breaking Bad, Arrow and American Horror Story: Asylum got in it's way.

We have now, however, gotten round to watching. And my God, it is amazing. We ended up getting Season Two as well straight after completing Season One as we were so addicted, and currently we are 6 episodes in. I absolutely love Arya Stark, she's amazing. Although, Daenerys Targaryen is brilliant, too.

Really looking forward to what the rest of the series has to offer. Plus, I'll definitely have to pick up the books for my collection :)

And even though we are just beginning our summer here in Scotland, they never last very long, so it's fair to say that - in the words of the show - "Winter is Coming".

Have you watched Game of Thrones? Did you enjoy it? (Of course you did). 
Who is your favourite character?

Let me know in the comments below.


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