Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The worrying begins.

As I've been saying as each year passes (since I began collecting) - this year is definitely busier than last.

It is especially true for this year, considering that the next-gen is drawing near, and with the companies planning on still supporting their current-gen consoles well into the next-gen lifecycle, some of them even with exclusive offerings(!), and none of them slowing down to allow us to prepare for next-gen, it means that of course, collecting will cost twice as much.

I was asked this morning by a friend (gu8) over at CE.org what my plans will be for next-gen, and I've been spending most of today seriously thinking about it.

Being a primary 360 gamer and collector, with an aim to own all of it's games/CEs, I will still collect for 360, however the Xbox One will take priority once it lands. I will also still collect PS3 and Wii exclusives from the current-gen, as well as exclusives for Wii U and PS4 for next-gen, as well as games for the various handhelds (3DS, DS and eventually PSVita - when I get round to getting myself one), plus retro stuff. 


I will be getting an Xbox One on launch date, but will probably wait a month or two for the PS4, as I imagine funds at that time will be extremely tight.

I will also have to take a long, hard look at my collecting habits, as not only will I be collecting for 5/6 main consoles (not including any retro pickups), plus PC (only exclusives for the non-Xboxs), but I will still be collecting movies, too - and with the massive increase in number of steelbooks released per month, that's becoming a bit of a burden right now, and that's without the costs of next-gen added yet.

So, come November/December, I think we will be dropping our monthly collecting budget a little (not completely, just lower how much we spend on games/movies per month by maybe £100) as well as try to limit myself to only getting games/movies that I absolutely cannot live without (Allan is pretty good at doing that already, whereas I'll try to buy everything he doesn't as I don't want to miss out on it -facepalm-).

Hopefully by this time next year, we will have our collecting under control, and maybe even some savings behind us! And, if we're really good, maybe even be preparing to go to Gamescom again!

What are your plans for next-gen?
Let me know in the comments below :)


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