Saturday, 8 June 2013

Zavvi Steelbooks

Zavvi have lots of upcoming amazing steelbooks up for preorder, both for older movies, and new releases, too. Here are some of them, all of which I've got preordered, and I urge you all to do the same - as look at them, they're beautiful!

Die Hard.

I really like this steelbook, more so than the previous exclusive Die Hard with a Vengeance steelbook that was released late last year. The artwork on this one is extremely nice, although the inner artwork seems a bit dull. It can be preordered here - although the link is not currently live.
Front of steelbook
Inside art
Back of steelbook

The Place Beyond the Pines.

Just one pic for this one, but luckily it displays both the front and rear of the steelbook. Artwork is absolutely brilliant, for some reason I'm really in love with this steelbook. Sadly no inner artwork shot for this one, but of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that there won't be any inner artwork. This can be preordered here, but just like Die Hard (and most of the other steelbooks on this list, link is not yet live).

The Place Beyond the Pines - gorgeous artwork

Iron Man 3.

Artwork on this is very nice, showing Iron Man's battle damaged chest. Surprisingly I haven't yet seen this movie, despite being a huge Iron Man fan, so I'll definitely be preordering this as soon as it goes live - here is the link. No reverse or inner artwork displayed, but hopefully the back will be nice too (and hopefully it will have inner artwork). It will be an awesome addition to the Asylum, to go along with the first two Iron Man steelbooks (which were exclusive to

Reservoir Dogs.

The front artwork on this steelbook is actually pretty bad, something about it sits really off with me. However the back and inner artwork are both really good, so I'll probably still get this (already have it preordered anyway - link here). Hopefully the front artwork gets altered, but somehow I doubt it will.

Messy front artwork...
Inner artwork
Reverse artwork

The Princess Bride.

Artwork on this one is a little "meh", too. Although we don't actually own this movie yet, so will probably keep our preorder for this anyway. Available to preorder here.

Yes, that is Andre the Giant.

The Jungle Book.

One of my absolute favourite things about Zavvi recently acquiring the license for a lot of exclusive steelbooks is their Disney releases. During the week, I received a beautiful Finding Nemo steelbook from them, which this will go with sooo well. This is an absolutely beautiful steelbook, and an insta-buy for me. It can be preordered here - and I urge you to jump on it quick, as the Disney releases sell out fast. No reverse or inside images revealed yet, but hopefully we'll receive those soon.

Absolutely beautiful colours.

The Little Mermaid.

Now this is one film that I am regularly teased about. I have never seen The Little Mermaid, which - being a girl - is treated (almost!) as a crime in this house. This steelbook is absolutely stunning, and just like with the previous steelbook, The Jungle Book, no inner or reverse artwork has been shown yet. But, again it is an insta-buy, and maybe I will finally get to see the movie! As with The Jungle Book, again, preorder this fast as Disney titles don't stay available for long. Link here :)



This steelbook has already sold out unfortunately, so if you haven't already got it preordered, your only chance now will be the eBay scalpers, or potentially closer to release if anybody cancels/doesn't pay for their preorders from Zavvi. This will go great with the Tron Legacy CE that was exclusive to a year or two ago, and hopefully the listing (and quick sell-out time) of this will mean that we will soon see a Tron Legacy steelbook from Zavvi. Preorder link is here, although it is sold out. But keep an eye out as it could possibly become available again at some point due to cancellations.

Dick Tracy.

Never seen this movie, so this will be a blind buy for me, purely because the steelbook is beautiful. No inner artwork shown just yet, preorder from here :)

Will you be getting any of these? Did you miss out on Tron?

Let me know in the comments below :)


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