Monday, 1 July 2013

Almost 21...

So July is finally here, woop!

Only six days left until my 21st birthday... and my laptop still isn't in production.

I'm actually getting a little fed up waiting to be honest, we bought it right at the start of June, in order to give it plenty of time to get made, and ship on time for my birthday (the estimated arrival date during the order process was June 18th!). But now, the estimated arrival date is July 16th, so not only will I not have it on time for my birthday, I won't have it until over a week later. And that's only if it doesn't get delayed any more!


On this past Saturday (July 29th), me, my mum and AJ went to the "Grand Opening" of a toy shop here in Glasgow. Located in Buchanan Galleries, it is called The Entertainer. AJ got to meet one of the characters from Ben 10 (someone dressed up in a big suit), which he wasn't too pleased about, just stared at it like (O.o) haha. 

They were handing out gift cards at the door to families, so AJ got to choose one, his had £5 in credit on it, so we went inside and got him something. He wanted a Minion (from Despicable Me) as we'd seen them in the window the week before (when it had all the "Grand Opening - Next Week!" signs over it) however, they had sold out of Minions that morning. So instead, he got a plushie of Jake from Adventure Time (which cost £8, so only £3 after the gift card), which he has been cuddling since. 

They also gave out goodie bags to everyone who made a purchase - inside was a Limited Edition Lego City DVD, a Trash Pack toy, some holographic cards, a Lego Star Wars poster and a Beyblade wristband (one of those rubber ones like what you wear for charities).

So all in, not a bad day's work :)


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