Monday, 8 July 2013

Birthday goodies!

As you'd expect, I got a lot of games and movies for my birthday. Most of which you've already seen in the photos in my previous post, however I also got some other things :)

- Money (which has been spent on a Defiance Press Kit - thanks ingmar :D) from friends, as well as Allan's family.
- A butterfly necklace with a diamond in it (my first actual diamond!) from my Auntie.
- Perfume, also from my Auntie.
- A gift card, which I used to get a new pair of jeans (long overdue!) and a nice top, from my parent's neighbour.
- Chocolate, from my parents.
- Some booze for me for my party, from Steven & Courtney, as well as a promise of some sand from Australia (my request, haha).
- Papa Roach tickets, from Allan .
- Some money to take with me to Glasgow Comic Con, from Allan.
- A Wii U, from Allan (not yet purchased, just in case a LE one gets announced for Wind Waker HD. So we'll wait until October, and if there's no LE one, I'll get a normal one, and some games, as there aren't too many games before then that I desperately want to play - too huge a backlog as it is :P) .
- A 21st Birthday wine glass, from my parents.
- My Alienware laptop, of course, from my parents (still hasn't arrived, but has shipped so shouldn't be much longer).
- Alienware keyboard, for our PC, from my parents (same story as the laptop).
- Gaming mouse, for our PC, from my parents (again, same story as the laptop).
- Alienware backpack, from my parents.

So yeah, I definitely was spoiled this year. Spoiled beyond belief.
But, this is my final year of receiving extravagant presents, since I'm now 21. So, definitely went out with a bang!


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