Friday, 26 July 2013

CollectING Update.

Instead of a collection update, this is a collecting update.
Due to situations beyond our control (ie: release dates for things being crammed together, and things coming out in a much quicker succession than normal) we have decided on a few changes to our collecting habits.

We are no longer collecting statues such as First4Figures, GamingHeads and Sideshow Collectibles (etc, etc).
- This doesn't mean that the few that we already own will be sold, we will still be keeping those (we are still awaiting replacements for our Portal 2 Turret Exclusive and Ganondorf Exclusive) and we may add a few more to our collection in the future. However, we won't be preordering every single one in the lines we like, just to have a complete set (especially since the first in the Zelda line, Zant Exclusive, would cost a fortune to get). We will maybe in the future (when CEs no doubt take a nose-dive in popularity, therefore reducing the number that are produced, etc) start to collect statues again (at which point we may regret giving up, since some will be harder to come by!), but for now, we are giving up.

We are only buying CEs/steelbooks/games/movies that we really want/need on release date.
- This will therefore mean that there isn't as many things to cram into the one month's pay, especially in the busier months. It also means that we will save some money by being able to pick up the rest once they've had a price drop (something we are too guilty of not doing right now).

By doing both of the above, we will have less to worry about money-wise, and hopefully it will free up money each month to be used on clothing, etc., things which we are in dire need of, but rarely buy due to our "addiction".

Obviously we will still have a steady influx of new releases, etc, so that, along with the huge backlog of things I've still to unbox/review for you all, means that we won't run out of content anytime soon. We will also be posting more frequent news updates, regarding new announcements of games, editions, movies, steelbooks, etc and where to preorder them. So keep an eye out for those :)


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