Monday, 22 July 2013

Cry of Fear - Semi-Review.

A few nights ago, I decided to try out Cry of Fear, one of the games I've recently downloaded on Steam.

It's a first person horror game, which immediately worried me.
If you know me in real life, then you'll know that I really cannot handle being frightened.
"Jump scares" are my kryptonite. Not only do they make me scream, but they make me violently shake, and sometimes even cry.

I suck at games where I feel like something might jump out at me. Heck, even less scary games I can suck at, purely for not trusting that everything is as simple as it seems.

Well... this is where Cry of Fear totally shattered me.

In the game, it opens with a cut-scene of a city, and presumably the protagonist's voice narrating some inner thoughts. Not long after, he sees a man lying on the ground, and as he goes over to assist, BAM, he's hit by a car.

Now, since this is a cut-scene, I'm perfectly fine with that. It wasn't sudden, and it didn't scare me. Heck, even sudden "jump scares" in movies, I can handle, since I'm not as involved as I am when playing a game.

Afterwards you wake up in a room (with a Half Life 2 poster on the wall, since this is modded from the HL2 engine) holding a camera. Alarm bells ringing in my head, I knew what this was going to lead to.

You leave the room (the brightly lit room, that was oh so safe!), into the darkness, with nothing but the flash of your camera to light the way. 

If you've seen Saw (oh, I can't remember which one), then think of the scene where Adam is using his camera to try and see the Jigsaw killer in his house. That's what this is like.

There are white crosses dotted about in the distance, which you've to go up to and photograph to reveal something, be it a message on a wall (scrawled in blood), a dead body lying on the floor, doors, windows, or holy-mother-of-God, a creepy person shaking their head violently.

You only see the flash of the things you have to photograph for a second (minus the doors/windows, which somehow stay illuminated), so if you're not expecting a scare, and you are me, then it will make you shit your pants (not literally, don't worry).

This is where my first playthrough ended.

I couldn't handle it. So I quickly paused the game, exited and shut down Steam. I was absolutely terrified, and no longer trusting my real life surroundings.

Adamant that I was not an absolute baby, I replayed with Allan by my side, later, to show him just how scary it was. When the shaky-head-guy was revealed in the shadows (albeit I'd given Allan sufficient warning), I was still scared, but Allan's reaction was "Is that it!?"

Still determined to prove that it's much scarier when you don't realise what's coming, we plodded on through - unfortunately for me, I was still the one in control of the game - still going along through this darkness with my not-so-trusty camera, a white X appeared, what seemed to be miles in the distance.

Straight away, Allan was like "something is gonna jump out, that's too far away to just be the next checkpoint thing". So, we kept going, and true enough, something did jump out. 

We both screamed loud enough for it to echo in the street outside.

Almost in tears and shaking violently, I refused to play anymore, so Allan took over the controls. We didn't play much further, bar chasing a shadow down a corridor and finding two sheets of paper for the username and password of a computer, by which point I was back in control, and after using the in-game computer, you hear something coming into the room you are in.

Well... that's where my second playthrough ended.

And I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.
I really like the concept of it, and I want to play it, but my body physically won't allow me to, so unfortunately, this is as good as my review is going to get.

I dread to think how bad I'll cope when The Evil Within comes out (as I really want to play that, too).

Have you played Cry of Fear yet? Did you get further than I did?
Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I think you'll be fine. I watch a streamer and every now and again and he puts up videos of his horror playthroughs. The monsters that come out at you look plain hideous, but it seems that it isn't too bad of a game judging from the playthrough. I could be entirely wrong, of course, because things change when you're in the driver's seat. There's this one game that totally creeps me out and I'm not sure if you've tried it out - Amnesia. My God! The whole defenseless and need to hide until the monster goes away bothers me.

    Oh, I definitely want to play The Evil Within as well. Sometimes, I think I'm a glutton for punishment because I get scared, but I keep coming back for more. There's just this certain appeal that draws me in.

    That's good that you have someone to help buffer how scary the environment could be.


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