Monday, 8 July 2013

For every 100 good ones, there's always one bad.

Every now and then, something about the collecting community (in any of it's various "divisions") shocks me.

Now this is normally restricted to one of the following:

- A less than desirable (in my opinion) selling out almost instantly.
- A massive price drop on something pretty rare.
- Managing to buy any of my "grail" items, and add them into my collection.
- The ridiculous prices that scumbag eBay sellers ask for items, some of which are utter crap (and not at all rare!).

Now, most of you will already know my opinion on "resellers". I don't mean people who decide that they no longer want an item from their collection, and sell it at cost price + shipping, nor do I mean "Group Buy" runners, people who assist in the purchase of items otherwise unavailable to us, at cost, plus maybe a few quid for petrol, plus shipping.

I mean the people who buy items purely because they deem them to be sought over by collectors, and then list them on eBay at more than double the price.

Of course, I do have a slight exception to this rule, in which if it is somebody who does this, but is willing to assist fellow collectors (such as on by removing an item from sale on their eBay (at the higher price) to sell to the member in need at cost price.

I know that that could be deemed as slightly hypocritical, as it's as though I'm turning a blind eye to their eBay dealings, due to the fact that I am receiving their assistance myself. But I even don't mind it if the person isn't helping me at all, but I know that they do help out others - (what I can't stand though is if someone is selling a £15 item on eBay for £30, and if you ask for help, they only drop it to £25 + postage, argh!)

Anyway, back on topic.

The particular situation that has riled me today, is that someone has opened a Group Buy (which, as said before, is supposed to be to help others get items at cost, plus maybe a small fee for petrol + time, plus shipping costs, overall not costing any more than maybe 10% extra on top of the item cost for the "fee").

This person is requesting an extra 100% of the orders that they take, as their fee. I am not interested in ordering anything from them, not just because of this, I just wasn't in the first place, however, had I been interested in $1000 worth of items, they'd have charged me $2000. $1000 for the items, plus the same again for their time. If I wanted a $10 item, then I'd be charged $20 (which is far more acceptable of course, but still!)

And then to not only get angry and say it's just business, when people queried his "methods", he also boasted that he was glad he now knew what international people are interested in, therefore which items he'd quickly snap up to resell.

I am sorry, but no matter how manic SDCC is, there is no excuse for charging double per item. Maybe a flat $10 per item, or a $50 fee for an item that would be particularly cumbersome, such as a bust, or something similar.

I went to Gamescom last year, and I am in no way saying that Gamescom is as busy as SDCC is, but when I was over there, I had intended on getting extra freebies for others, and planned on sending them to people for the cost of postage. No extra. However this fell apart as it was a nightmare to even get freebies for myself, never mind anybody else!

I plan on doing this again next year if we manage to get to Gamescom, both for specific requests, as well as just general freebies (so I'll see if anybody has anything they'd like me to keep an eye out for whilst in Germany for me to help them with at cost price, as well as pick up as many freebies as possible and dish out the extras to everyone on the forums for shipping costs). And I know that others will do (and have done previously!) the same for me at other various gaming events, shop sales, preorders, etc.

I guess I'm just trying to say...
I wish everybody was as awesome as the REAL Group Buyers over on the various forums I'm on: and - I'm looking at you!

But as the title of this post says...
For every 100 awesome people, there's always one scumbag.


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