Thursday, 25 July 2013

Rayman Legends coming to PC!

Ubisoft have revealed that Rayman Legends will be coming to PC this Autumn, alongside the console and handheld versions on August 30th.

This is big news for many fans of the franchise who'd been hoping to see it get a PC release, and for myself, it's just another platform for me to consider getting it on as I will definitely be wanting it on 360, plus I want to get it on Vita (once I get one), and now I want to try it out on my new laptop.

Ah, how you love to please your fans Ubisoft!

Here are some screenshots from the PC version, just to let you all see how awesome it looks:

(Click the images to enlarge)

People who preorder the PC version through the Ubisoft Store will also get a free copy of Rayman Origins!
Link can be found here.

Please just announce a CE for it already, though! That would make it all perfect :)

Which platform will you be getting Rayman Legends on? Do you want to see a CE release?
Let me know in the comments below!


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