Thursday, 11 July 2013

What is a Collector?

This is a question that I notice popping up every now and then.
What is the true definition of a collector?

In it's simplest form, a collector is someone who collects. Be it games, movies, stamps, bottle caps, badges, or even something like tattoos, they are still a collector.

Obviously, what you collect boils down to something you enjoy (or else, what would be the point, really?), and this is the part that often sparks some debate within the collecting community (the game/movie ones, at least).

There are two "types" of collector within the gaming/movie collectors, although one is usually berated for their "way".

The first, is the pretty standard type:

"I buy things that I like, and add them to my collection to enjoy them. I may eventually sell some of the items if I no longer enjoy them as much, or if I am in dire need."

Some collectors in this "type" will never sell or trade their items. We fall into that little sub-type, as we never sell or trade any of our things. We sold one item waaaay back in 2010, purely because we'd managed to get a better condition version of it, therefore no longer needed the old one (although since this, we have received quite a few doublers, and have never sold any of those!) and last year, we traded a doubler steelbook we had (albeit this one was funky and unusual as it's J-Card didn't match the steelbook - Kick Ass steelbook, Incredible Hulk J-Card). We were very hesitant about doing so, but the deal we were offered was too good to pass up, especially as the person we traded with is really interested in misprinted, or mispackaged items. So at least we knew that it was going to a better home.

We got Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Sucker Punch SDCC steelbooks in return, so a very good ttrade in my eyes.

The other "type" of collector, is the ones who are often looked down on by other collectors for their actions:

"I buy things that I like, or items that I don't like (but are rare), and add them to my collection, but will easily sell them on for profit if the opportunity arises. I may or may not keep them sealed, but sealed items will sell better on the secondary market. If something is cheap and will sell out, I will buy 20+ copies to shift on eBay for at least 50% extra on top of RRP, and I won't help any other collectors out if they are lacking an item I'm reselling."

Of course, there are some slight crossovers between the two, as some collectors that will never sell will still keep their items sealed, and some resellers will still assist a fellow collector if they want an item.

What is your definition of a collector?
Let me know in the comments below!


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