Saturday, 3 August 2013

Collection :)

Going to do a collection overview video tomorrow :)
I will do a video going over each part of our collection - nothing too in depth - to show you all the collection, how it's laid out, and just how crowded our house really is!

Planned on doing this a few days ago, but my camera battery was out of charge, so unfortunately I had to postpone. I'm really looking forward to getting it done however, as it will be good to have a look throughout the collection for myself whilst I'm filming, as I like to refresh my memory of what we own every now and then :)

If there's anything in the collection that you'd like me to focus on for a little longer than the rest (however I won't be unboxing - I just mean talk about it a little bit) then let me know in the comments :) I will do an unboxing or two soon as well, however I am in the process of bleaching my hair so I will be behind the camera this time (since no doubt my hair will be patchy and ginger as hell!)

Let me know which items you'd like me to talk a little bit about during my collection overview video, and also what items you'd like to see an unboxing/review of in the near future :)

Check back tomorrow for the video!


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