Monday, 5 August 2013

Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle!

A Devil's Kiss Vigor Bottle from Bioshock Infinite has just been put up on the Irrational Store. Link can be found here: *mwah*

If it's anything like the Murder of Crows one, it will be sold out in no time. People are already attempting to sell them on eBay for at least double the price! It's actually a very attractive piece, however I do still prefer the Murder of Crows one (even though I've yet to add it to the collection, boo!), which also goes for insane prices on eBay (so I doubt I'll manage to get one anytime soon unless someone gives me a nice price *hint hint*).

Limited to 500, this one has a larger run than the MOC Vigor, but is a bit cheaper at $350. There is also a smaller run of signed ones (also within the 500), limited to 50. However, just for having Ken Levine's autograph (which let's be honest, it's on basically everything in that store nowadays!), it bumps up the price to $600, which is an absolutely ridiculous price hike. They are available >>here<<.

I'd honestly love to own one of the signed ones, since they're rarer, and come with a certificate of authenticity (which for some reason, the non signed ones don't seem to include), however I am nowhere near being able to just drop $600, plus shipping, plus the inevitable customs charges on the package, now, or even anytime soon (plus it'll no doubt sell out soon).

My only saving grace is that the signed one is pretty unnatractive, due to the location of the signature. It would have been far better to have the signature on the underside of the base, just as the Murder of Crows ones were.

If Ken Levine wants to be an absolute charmer and donate one to me though, I totally wouldn't refuse ;)

Are you getting one of these? If so, which version, and why? 
Let me know in the comments below!


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