Thursday, 1 August 2013


As I mentioned previously (in another post), myself and Allan have been getting back into drawing recently.

Allan has been desperate for Copic Markers for well over 6 months now, but due to the price of them (he wants every colour!), we've never gotten round to getting any. He not only wants every colour, but he wants every type, too - they come in a few variations, such as Sketch, Ciao, Wide, etc. - so that could prove extremely costly (as the multi-packs are over £100 each!)

As a little treat, last week I purchased a small set for him. It was only £11.99 off of eBay, as it only contains like 6 pens, but it means he can try them out and get used to using them. It was just a grey-scale pack that I bought, since he can try them out no matter what he draws, whereas the manga colour packs (which are also available for £11.99) would have restricted him to what he can draw, since they are specific colours.

The pens arrived this morning just before he went out to work, so he has yet to try them out yet, but as soon as he has (and me, after), I'll get a little "first thoughts" review up about them :)

I've read so many good things about them, and seen first-hand artists using them and creating magnificent pieces, but until I use them myself, I still feel a little "eh?" about them, in case they don't live up to my expectations. So I am really hoping that when they get tested out tonight, they will exceed my expectations!

Check back later for our first thoughts!


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