Friday, 9 August 2013

Entries to the Asylum - 9th August 2013!

Two entries into the Asylum today :)
The Jungle Book Steelbook and Homefront Resist Edition Steelbook.

The Jungle Book Steelbook is exclusive to Zavvi in the UK at the price of £22.99.
Link can be found here, but unfortunately it has already sold out.

The Homefront Resist Edition Steelbook is one I've kept coming back to for months, as I always see it around for £10 or less, but I've never gone for it before now. But I was buying a can of spray paint from Amazon this week, and as you may now know, Amazon now charges you for delivery on orders less than £10 - UNLESS a movie, game or book is included in the order.

So as the postage that Amazon wanted for the spray paint was £6 odds, I went on the hunt for something cheap to get me free shipping. And for £3.54, I found the Homefront Steelbook :)

Extremely looking forward to any other Disney Steelbooks that Zavvi brings out, as they are certainly beautiful!

Have you had any recent deliveries?


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