Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Entries to the Asylum - Monday 19th August 2013.

Forgot to post this yesterday, but had one entry to the Asylum :) Had to collect it from the delivery office as I had to pay Customs Charges (grr!), so it's probably quite safe to say that it is the single most expensive Steelbook that we, in the Asylum, have ever purchased!

- Dragon Ball Z Broly Triple Feature Steelbook.

Allan wanted it, as he's been meaning to get it for ages, but Vic Mignogna - who voices Broly - is going to Scotland Comic Con next month, so that gave him the kick up the bum to finally buy it. However he was a little gutted as it was a lot cheaper last time he nearly bought it...

It cost us £40.66 including shipping, and then £13.85 in Customs Charges. So £54.51 in total...

I think other than this one, the maximum we've spent on a single Steelbook has been approx. £30 or so.

Ah well, Allan is happy with it :)

Quick non-game related delivery today (20th August), two T-Shirts that I bought in the InsaniTEE sale on Qwertee a few days ago.You don't get to choose the T-Shirt you want, you just order 1 or 2, and choose the correct size, and you receive a random shirt :)

I bought two as a surprise for Allan, as he wanted to do it, but had already spent too much on Qwertee lately. He doesn't know yet, as I didn't want to tell him incase the two T-Shirts that arrived weren't ones he'd like (so I'd need to take time trying to swap them on the Qwertee swap page) but luckily both of them are great. 

Would have been better if they were Dragon Ball Z, or Zelda related, but they're cool nevertheless. Plus, they're both ones that we'd have liked, but not liked enough to buy (I don't mean that in a horrible way, I just mean that because we hold off on lots of ones we really like as we can't afford to buy a T-Shirt from Qwertee every single day!)

Can't wait for Allan to get home so he can see them :D

Have you received anything recently?
Let me know in the comments below!


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