Friday, 23 August 2013

Entries to the Asylum - Thursday 22nd August 2013!

I know, I know. I'm getting bad at doing these on the date the stuff actually arrives! Anyway, a couple of things were added to the Asylum yesterday (technically they arrived on Tuesday, but they went to my mum's so I didn't get them till last night).

- Saints Row IV Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition.
- S.H. Figuarts Piccolo SDCC Special Color Variant.
- Dragon Ball Z 3 Pack Figures (SSJ Goku, SSJ Vegeta and SSJ God Goku) SDCC Exclusive.

Both Dragon Ball Z related items were exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, and Allan was gutted that he was going to miss out on them, so I cancelled one of my lesser-wanted preorders and bought them from BigBadToyStore :) Needless to say, he was over the moon last night when I handed them to him :)

The Saints Row IV CE is absolutely massive. Limited to 5000 and individually numbered (!), we knew we had to have it. It cost $119.99 plus shipping, taking it to a pretty good price of $139.98 (shipping to UK for the package would have worked out WAY higher than $19.99 if I got someone to forward it to me!). That worked out to be £93.29, which is pretty good, but unfortunately since it came from Gamestop (and don't worry, I prepared for this in advance), I received customs charges of £30.50. Still worked out cheaper than it being forwarded though, mind.

The package from BigBadToyStore managed to escape customs-charge-free! Yay :D

Have you received anything lately?
Let me know in the comments below!


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