Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Some quick Gamescom Updates!

Here are a few quick pieces of news from Gamescom today:

- European preorders of Xbox One will receive a copy of Fifa 14 with their preorder (digital).
- Fable Legends has been announced by Lionhead, exclusive to Xbox One.
- PS Vita is getting a $100 price drop in the US taking it to $199, and €199 in Europe. UK price drop TBC.
- PS Vita Memory Cards also to receive a price drop.
- Borderlands 2 is getting a PS Vita release.
- Fez also receiving a PS Vita release.
- If you buy a game on PS3 (such as ACIV, Battlefield 4, etc), you can then buy on PS4 as a digital copy at a heavily discounted price.
- PS4 release dates: NA - 15th November, EU: 29th November.
- 1 million PS$ preorders to date.

More to be added continually, so keep checking back/refreshing!


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