Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Recently, both myself and Allan have developed a bit of an addiction to game/movie related clothing. It started when our friend Lauren tagged us in a T-Shirt that she'd spotted on Qwertee, that she knew Allan would like:

So, straight away, he bought it.

A day or two later, a T-Shirt that I knew Allan would love popped up on TeeFury:

However I bought it in red for him (it is absolutely gorgeous in red!). That's two t-shirts already...

A couple of days pass, and we think to ourselves "I hope no more really awesome T-Shirts go up soon, as we're low on money. Hopefully they choose stuff we don't really like..."

Well, a few more days pass, and this goes up on Qwertee:

Earthworm Jim crossed with Ash from The Evil Dead. Allan couldn't pass it up. Third to the collection now.

The next day, also on Qwertee, this appears:

Allan wanted it because it's Pokémon crossed with TMNT. And I wanted it for the same reason. He said he would probably have to pass though as he'd just bought the "Groovy!" T-Shirt the day before. I sulked for a bit, and somehow my finger "slipped" and it was ours...

Then InsertCoinClothing announce that they're doing a 3 for 2 deal on their T-Shirts, and for one lucky person who places an order that day, they might receive a game in with their purchase.
I still had a £5 voucher for InsertCoin left over from the goodies that Scruff got me last year when he went to Eurogamer, so once I'd dug that out, I snapped up another couple of T-Shirts - this time ladies' ones, and in my size (as all the previous purchases had been men's Tees in Allan's size, so he could wear them, but I could wear them too (but they'd be boy-fit on me).

These three are now on their way to me - they've actually already been delivered, but to my parents' house, so my Mum is dropping them off tonight after work - so I am very excited to receive them.

Cost me a grand total of £9.50 delivered for the three InsertCoin Tees, after the 3 for 2 discount and my £5 voucher was applied, so very happy indeed :)

It feels nice to be buying clothes again, as I haven't gotten any new clothes in so long, as I'm so addicted to collecting games and movies. I plan on buying tonnes more clothes at some point soon, if I have cash to spare. But for now, that is all I can afford, we've exhausted our budgets with these T-Shirts haha, and there's one more that has gone up today on Qwertee, that we really, really want, but hesitant about getting due to our lack of funds. Allan might end up jumping on it anyway (but the other bad thing is, we think an InsaniTee sale is going up on Qwertee tomorrow!).

Why can't we be rich!?

Oh how I want you, lovely Triforce T-Shirt!

Have any of you got addictions to T-Shirts relating to the things you love? Or just clothes in general?
Where do you like to get yours?
Let me know in the comments below!


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