Wednesday, 11 September 2013

AWOL, once again.

Hey guys :)
Sorry, once again, for my absence of late. Have had a lot going on in real life, so haven't had much time to get on here to write!

Last Saturday we were at the very first MCM Scotland Comic Con. Got there at half eight in the morning, and left just before five (it finished at six) so it was a pretty long day.

Sadly, there wasn't a whole lot to actually do at it. 85% of it was just vendor stalls, 10% being Comic Village - an area where comic artists, etc can have tables to sell stuff and do sketches, and the final 5% being "guests" - which were few and far between.

There were less than 10 guests at the event, most of whom were from the cast of Merlin, which was pretty disappointing, as the other MCM Comic Cons get people like Edgar Wright going to them! The one guest we were excited about however, was Vic Mignogna - the voice of Broly from Dragon Ball Z. He is also the main character - Edward - in Fullmetal Alchemist, but Broly is the reason we were excited for him.

He was an absolutely lovely guy, so down to earth. However, like every other American person we meet, when they sign stuff for us, they always spell Allan's name wrong.

Them: "Ah, Allan, so is that A L A N or A L L E N"

Us: "A L L A N" (putting severe emphasis on the second A)

Them: "Ah, cool" (then proceeds to spell it Allen)

Pretty annoying, since most of the things we have signed to Allan are spelt with an E, but what can you do, eh?

But anyway, yeah - Vic was an outstanding guy. Very friendly, and most people were crying when they got to meet him, which, to watch, was sweet and awkward at the same time.

At the end of the event, we all (there were eight of us) went out for dinner at World Buffet, and afterwards came back to ours for a drink - however I managed to fall asleep pretty fast on the floor!

Didn't buy too much at it, or at least, it doesn't feel like we did, but we spent pretty much all of our money (Allan mostly spent his on sketches in Comic Village). 

I'll get pics up of what we bought later on!

Oh, and my Harley Quinn cosplay didn't happen (boo!), as my corset I was waiting on didn't turn up, despite me ordering well in advance.

Oh well, it was a good day anyway.

Were you at Scotland Comic Con?
Did you cosplay? If so, who as?

Let me know in the comments below!

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