Thursday, 12 September 2013

Black Milk Clothing.

So, if you know me in real life, or you speak to me frequently online, then you will probably know that I have another addiction - other than games/movies/etc.

Black Milk Clothing.
Find them here.

This addiction has been a year in the making, but until last Saturday, I'd never bought a single piece (due to the game/movie addiction using up all of my money).

Well, Saturday the 7th of September marks my first ever order from Black Milk, and already I am itching like mad to make my next order.

There are quite a few items that are extremely high on my wish list, but due to my lack of money, are currently out of my reach, and sadly will soon be gone forever as they are on the "Limited List" (when items go on the Limited List, once they sell out, that's it - gone forever - they will not be restocked).

This is my current Limited List Wish List, as well as a few other pieces that are desperately coveted by me, and that I am so sad that I cannot afford right now:

Galaxy Green Suspenders
Watermelon Skater Skirt
Star Wars Montage Leggings
Mass Effect N7 Leggings
Mass Effect "Don't Cross Omega's Boss" Dress
Harry Potter "Patronus" Leggings
Harry Potter "Snape Attacks" GFT
Harry Potter "There's A Phoenix In My Office" Dress
Harry Potter "Weasley's Weather Bottle" GFT


I want them all so bad. And to make matters worse, the Halloween release is coming up fast, and I don't think I have any money to spare for it, and rumour has it that they will only be available for purchase for 48 hours! So I am praying that somehow I can manage to afford the two pieces that I've already decided I have to have.

The Blood Splatter Skater Dress and the James Patrick-designed Halloween leggings.

No pics of either yet, but I'm sure sneaks will be shown of the finished products very soon, in which case I'll update this post :)

So if you're reading this jL, some freebies wouldn't go amiss ;).
I kid, I kid :)

So my Christmas Wish List for this year is definitely some money for Black Milk, or even BM vouchers/gift cards :) As 2014 is definitely gonna be a Black Milk fuelled year for me!

Do you own any Black Milk? If so, which pieces?
Let me know in the comments below!



  1. You can request to join the Black Milk Buy Sell and Swap group on Facebook! People are always selling items that were limited so it's a great way to get items that you wouldn't otherwise be able to buy!! :) It also cuts custom charges because the girls from aus send packages marked as gifts! :)
    I only own 5 pieces myself, marauders map legs, gryffindor legs, lotr montage green legs, galaxy pink suspenders (which I swapped my mech bones for) and a kawaii green dress which I bought from the BSS page!! Its definitely my fave dress! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I have joined the BSS page recently, haven't yet purchased anything from it though (too poor from the Halloween releases and the latest games I've bought!)

    Definitely always good to avoid customs :P I'm also a member on the Sharkies of Europe page and BM UK page :)

  3. Hi, I have been trying to get in that group for over a year. Can you please let me know if they have the sketches of a mad man leggings. Mine were stolen from my luggage.

    1. Oh man, that really sucks! I haven't seen any on there I don't think. Request to get in and make sure your friends aren't private, and maybe wear a piece of BM in your display pic :) I got in quite easily, so I'm not sure why some people struggle unfortunately :(


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