Thursday, 17 October 2013

Black Milk.

So Black Milk have just posted the Limited List to prepare for their upcoming releases.
If you don't already know, a Limited List is a list of items already in stock on their website, that now, once sold out, will not be restocked.

So basically, once they're gone, they're gone.

Out of the stuff already in the Limited section on their site, and the newly added stuff, there are 16 must-have items for me.

Guess how many I can afford. Go on, guess!
None. That's right, none.


Why must they do this!? 

This means that all of these pretties, unless they stick around for quite a while (as you all know I'm skinto for the next while due to AJ's birthday, the Xbox One release, A Link Between Worlds release, preparing for Christmas, etc), I will miss out on:

Unicorn Black Leggings
Vader Comic Swimsuit

Wet Look Side Suspenders
Suicide of Morozumi Leggings

Star Wars Manga Dress

Stormtrooper Dress

Splatter Skull HWMF Leggings
Skull Black Dress

Ouija Board Leggings
Midnight Owl Dress

Matte Black Reverse Suspenders

Galaxy Green Suspenders

Death Pit Leggings

Circuit Board Purple Leggings

Cathedral Skirt
Boba Fett's Last Stand Dress

Priorities are definitely the Matte Black Reverse Suspenders, Ouija Board Leggings, Galaxy Green Suspenders, Boba Fett's Last Stand Dress and Death Pit Leggings. Adore the Midnight Owl dress too, but a Skater Dress version is due out on the 24th, although unfortunately I won't have any money in time for that either!

So very gutted that I will probably miss out on most, if not all of these. And that's before we even have the new Ammo release on the 24th to think about - of which I can afford nothing, again! So if anyone has a couple of grand to spare that they'd like to donate to my Black Milk fund, it would be much appreciated ;)


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Updates.

So as most of you will know, Watch_Dogs has now been delayed until April 2014 at the earliest, which comes as quite a shock considering we were just 5 weeks from release.

Part of me is sad that I now have to wait longer to play what was my most anticipated game of 2013, but the other part of me is relieved, as it frees up some much needed cash in November - allowing us in the Asylum to get our hands on the newly announced The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds Limited Edition 3DSXL!

Pictured here, alongside the (also newly-announced) Luigi Special Edition 3DSXL, the "A Link between Worlds" handheld is stunning.

Due out on the 22nd November this year, A Link between Worlds looks to be an amazing addition to the wonderful The Legend of Zelda series. Extremely looking forward to it :)

Will you be getting either of the 3DSXLs pictured above?
How do you feel about the delay of Watch_Dogs?

Let me know in the comments below!


PS: Saints Row IV Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition unboxing is coming soon! Was hesitant if I should re-dye my hair before doing it (as it is currently an odd shade of pinky-orange right now) but that would delay the video until the end of the month, so I've decided you can all just put up with my crazy hair! You can see the newly re-dyed hair in my special Halloween video that I'll be posting on, well... y'know HALLOWEEN! 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Entries to the Asylum, 5th October 2013 - and some other shizz.

I'm desperate to get an unboxing up on site for you all, but I've only had two votes so far, so c'mon! Get voting, GTA V CE or Saints Row IV CE :) I will give you a few more days and that is it! Even if I get no more votes, I'll put the winner up on Monday :)

Haven't done this in a while, but today's entries to the Asylum are:

Splinter Cell Blacklist Steelbook.
- Bought on eBay from the Zavvi Outlet for a tiny price of £1.99, I couldn't not get this, despite being ridiculously skint.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Ganondorf Edition.
- GAME Exclusive in the UK, priced £59.99. Very happy to have gotten this.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Premium Wii U Bundle.
- Bought from Zavvi for £239.99, this was a late birthday present (very late, considering I turned 21 in July!) from Allan. Very happy to finally have a Wii U, and have had a quick test of it so far and I actually really like it!

Does anyone know what is happening in Vegas right now? No? Well, I'll tell you.


That's what!

Yep, Sharkiecon is happening right now in good ol' Las Vegas, and I am stuck here in Glasgow. I have seen some sneaky peeks of some shoes that Black Milk Clothing are collaborating with Solestruck for, and I must say, I am drooling.

In particular, I have seen a pair of I Eat Mice shoes, and I must have them (so jL, you better make them, k?).

Same goes for three amazing pairs of High Tops (Whoa Dudes, Cross of St Peter and Black Milk) and awesome Amethyst and CoSP flatforms. 

Why must I be poor!?

To the Gods of Black Milk Clothing and Solestruck, if there are any UK size 4s of any of the above kicking around, send 'em my way ;)

Have you received anything this week? If so, what?
Are you at Sharkiecon? What sneaks have you peeked?

Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


So today is the 1st of October, a brand new month for gaming, and the launch date of GTA Online!
Haven't yet had a chance to try it out as I can't get on due to the amount of people all trying at the same time, but I did watch Allan play it for a little bit this morning, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to being in a giant online GTA world!

Apologies for not uploading the unboxing video this past weekend, as I only had one vote and I figured I'd wait until I receive a few more :) So please get posting which edition you'd like to see unboxed: GTA V Collector's Edition or Saints Row IV Emperor Zinyak's Game of the Generation Edition :)

Last night was a loooooong night here in the Asylum. Had to wait up till midnight for the launch of Black Milk Clothing's Halloween "All Killer No Filler" release, which is absolutely brilliant.

Thanks to my mum for helping me out a little, I got the following:

Blood Splatter Skater Dress
Jason Lives Leggings
Sketches of a Mad Man Leggings
Slasher Black GFT
Really looking forward to receiving them all!

Did you buy anything in the Black Milk Halloween release? If so, which pieces?
Which CE would you like to see unboxed? Saints Row IV or GTA V?

Let me know in the comments below!


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