Friday, 8 November 2013

8th November 2013

Hello again, guys!
As usual, apologies for my absence of late.

As you all (or most of you) know, I've had to severely cut back on collecting recently, so I've not really been in the mood to talk too much about editions as I don't want to influence myself to buy things I cannot afford!

However, I feel bad for neglecting this place, so I have come back!

I recorded my Saints Row IV Game of the Generation Edition unboxing about a week ago, so at some point today, I'll get it uploaded and put on here for you all :)

I plan on doing a few more unboxings soon, just to get me back into the way of posting nice new content for you guys, so you'll probably be seeing unboxings for GTA V CE, Arkham Origins CE, and possibly some other things too :)

I don't have many things left on order from now till the end of the year, due to a lack of money, and also, the money we do have available to spend is going towards the Xbox One, and the A Link Between Worlds Limited Edition 3DSXL. Those, coupled with the fact that my son's birthday falls on the same date - a fact that I'm sure many of you are now well aware of! - means that this month is extremely tight (in fact, we've actually had to save a chunk of our money last month, and also some of our money from next month is also going towards it (luckily the pay-dates fall on good dates so that this is possible!)

I'm really glad that there won't be a big, mandatory (for us) purchase to be made next year (such as the Xbox One), since the new console releases are this year, so at least next year it will all just be about games and movies that are due out. Something which I'm hoping will also be calmer in comparison to this year, not so much in terms of how many games are released, as I know that lots will be released quickly due to the new consoles, but at the rate these new games get CEs.

Really hoping that not many games get CEs next year, as this year has been brutal, to the point where it has actually depleted our love of collecting a little. We will still continue to collect, however we have decided to focus more on which items/franchises we collect.

I will be focusing more on Pokémon, Zelda, and a few other new releases that take my interest (games that I will want to play, as opposed to just buying for the sake of it) - so these other releases may be things such as  another Grand Theft Auto (if there is one), more Batman games, Lego games, etc.

Allan will be focusing on Zelda, Dragon Ball Z, and like me, a few other new releases that interest him.

We are definitely not aiming to collect anything and everything next year. It is just not feasible anymore. Not just because it's too difficult to afford everything, it's also too difficult to find space for it all, so barely anything will be able to be displayed, and instead, would stay boxed up :(

Are any of you having to restrict what you are collecting now? If so, what are your "restrictions"?
Let me know in the comments below!


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