Tuesday, 21 January 2014

2014, the year of calmer collecting.

So 2014 is well underway.

 Almost a month into the year so far, and thankfully, the preorder rate from the latter half of 2013 has dropped. 

Steelbook preorders are still as high as ever, which is unfortunate, as retailers *cough* Zavvi *cough* are still pumping them out in quick succession, sadly forcing many Steelbook collectors, myself included, to take a long, hard look at our collecting habits.

I gave up on my quest for all Steelbooks late last year, after Zavvi pushed so many out at once, on multiple dates each month. Now I just stick to the titles that I absolutely "must have", and then go back for other ones later if I feel that I want them enough.

More and more collectors are adopting this attitude (from the ones who were previously all or nothing, like myself) since it is ridiculous how many Steelbooks that retailers expect that we can cope with per month - we are their main demographic after all, what with Steelbooks being labelled as collectors items (ironically, this is becoming less and less true, since they are completely flooding the market right now).

3 weeks into the new year, and I am happy to say that all we have received by way of Steelbooks and Editions has been:

- Wreck it Ralph Steelbook.
- Toy Story Steelbook.

I believe that is all that has arrived into the Asylum so far, other than the cheap Tesco pick-ups that I got a week or two ago (but none of those were editions or Steelbooks).

We do have other things on order of course, and have preorders taking us all the way to May at this point, I think, however as with last year's preorder list, we are being far more... careful, about what we choose to buy now.

Too many times we've bought things just for the sake of having them, and too many times these things have been the ones that have dropped in price, drastically, not too long after.

Aliens Colonial Marines, anyone?

So with our collection room nearing completion (photos to follow later on tonight!), and a whole new sense of contentment with the collection, and how it will continue to grow throughout 2014 and onwards, it's time to really appreciate the items we do already have, instead of panic about how to get the next ones due out.

I will be doing more frequent unboxing videos, and reviews throughout this year, since we now have a room dedicated to the collection, meaning we now have the perfect location to film these videos, as well as a room to get peace and quiet to unbox/review, away from the noisy livingroom!

So feel free to post ideas on what things you'd like to see unboxed in the comments (not necessarily on this post, as the collection room post that I'll be posting tonight might help to remind you of what there is in the Asylum), and what items/movies/games you'd like to be reviewed :)

So are you having a calmer year of collecting this year? Or are you already panicking about the next wave of Steelbooks from Zavvi, etc?

Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

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