Saturday, 11 January 2014

Entries to the Asylum - 11th January 2014.

Tonight is a nice quiet night in the Asylum. Allan is out for his work's night out at a Buffet place, and AJ is staying with his Granny and Granda, so I've got the house to myself.

Slobbing out on the couch and in bed, watching TV, playing games, and eating food.

This is the life.

Today was also a good day for shopping! Tesco currently have a massive sale on, and for some reason, their stock is scanning at (usually) a quarter of the marked sale price. This only affects sale DVDs, Blurays and games, as far as I know.

My local Tesco (and the next nearest one after that) was totally wiped out of any games, so unfortunately no bargains were to be had there, however I did nab quite a few other good things!

- True Blood Season 2 DVD.
- True Blood Season 3 DVD.
- True Blood Season 4 DVD.

(Why you no stock Season 1, Tesco!? HUH!?)

- The Vampire Diaries Season 3 DVD.
- Stranded Bluray (w/ Slipcover).
- What Doesn't Kill You Bluray (w/ Slipcover).

And for other random pickups also from Tesco (and one or two from Asda, too - although their sale was bollocks in comparison) I got:

- 2x Marvel Comic Print Passport Covers (one for me, one for Allan).
- Various toys to put away for next Christmas for AJ and Ellie.
- Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar (one that you get toys in, rather than chocs) for next Christmas.
- Skylanders notebook.
- 3x Skylanders keyrings.
- Pack of Skylanders magnets.
- Skylanders mug.
- Couple of other bits to put away for Christmas, too.

Of course, I spent a fair chunk more than I'd planned on today's weekly shop, but for those bargains (all of the above cost me less than £40 (and there were quite a few pretty good toys in there!)

I will definitely have to try and make up the cost of this little splurge somewhere, as I didn't really want to be dipping into my savings/spending money pot again, so soon after my last splurge (Black Milk Museum Sale - whoop whoop!), so I will definitely be doing my best to cut costs over the next week or so to make up for it :)

Really gutted to have missed out on getting some games for cheap though, as I've been looking for some new games to try out lately, especially on my 3DS, so was hoping to nab Pokemon Black + White 2 (since I somehow STILL don't own those) since I heard they were going really cheap in the sales.

Ah well. Still happy with my purchases :)

Did any of you manage to get anything worthwhile in the Tesco sales? Or anywhere else for that matter?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

PS: Since I've got lotttttsss of spare time tonight, what with being home alone and all, I shall take those collection room pics I've been promising, and maybe even a quick overview video if I can be bothered :P


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