Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Today I completed a game, for the first time. Ever.

I don't mean just finish the story, as I've done that plenty of times, but this time I fully completed the game. All collectibles, everything. 100% completion.

It was only for The Lego Movie Video Game, not a massive open world RPG or anything, but it's a start.

This is an after-effect of my new ways of collecting. I'm actually getting to enjoy the games I'm receiving, and I'm actually getting to play them - instead of just putting them straight on the shelf.

Since the start of 2014, I have bought less than five new games (by this I mean new releases, I'm not counting the cheap pick-ups I got in Tesco at the start of the year).

- Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.
- Fable Anniversary.
- The Lego Movie.
 - South Park: The Stick of Truth.

These are possibly the only 2014 releases I've actually bothered to get so far. Whereas normally, I'd have bought every new release there was, and shelved them all.

I didn't play any of Tomb Raider once it arrived, as I'd not long completed the Xbox 360 copy I own, so didn't feel up to diving back into the story right away. Once Fable Anniversary arrived, I played it constantly. From the second I got up in the morning, till the second Allan arrived home from work (can't rule over the consoles 24/7 now, can I?), any spare moment I got, I'd be playing. Unfortunately, with the arrival of The Lego Movie game, I switched over to that, and Fable Anniversary was left behind (don't worry, I'm going back to that now!)

It feels good to actually play my games again, instead of just opening up the package once they're delivered, and filing them away, never to be thought of again.

Of course, even before I slowed down on collecting, I would still play my games, but many of them would never even see themselves reach 50% completion, let alone 100%. Prior to today, I'd never gotten 100% on any game (achievements/trophies-wise, I mean), bar episode 1 of The Walking Dead, which later removed itself from my 100% completion list upon me downloading episode 2 (argh!).

I'd receive a game, and depending on the game, I'd either put it away on a shelf, or I'd open it and play. So my usual routine would end up something like this:

- Receive game.
- Open it and begin playing.
- Soon after, receive another game.
- Place on shelf.
- Receive another game.
- Stop playing first game, add to shelf, and start this game.
- Receive another game.
- Stop playing previous game, add to shelf, and start this game.

And so on.

So most games would be getting played for a short period of time, sometimes it would be enough to complete the basic story (Tomb Raider, I'm looking at you) and sometimes, it would barely be enough time to just design my character and get out of the beginning level (*cough* Skyrim *cough*).

Now that the collecting habits here in the Asylum have drastically slowed down, due partly to choice, and partly to lack of finances *sobs*, I'm getting a chance to work through my massive backlog of games. Both unplayed and unfinished.

I'd have loved to review Titanfall for you all, since that's the next big release due out, but sadly my lack of funds means that it won't be entering the Asylum for a while now, but I'll definitely review it as soon as I can afford to (and daaayyyum, that Collector's Edition is awesome, but I definitely cannot afford that right now).

Anyway, stay tuned for my double-review, of both The Lego Movie, and it's video game counterpart!

Anything you want to know specifically about the movie and/or game? Anything you'd like to suggest for future reviews and/or unboxings?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x


  1. Hiya V. :D

    Nice to see that you're still posting. I too have tried to curb my buying habit with regards to new releases. I have only bought a few new releases myself this year so far and currently only have Watch Dogs on pre-order which has been pre-paid anyway. :D There's not much for the foreseeable future that takes my fancy and I just don't have the room for ridiculously sized CEs anymore. :( Loved the look at the Titanfall CE, but the pricetag and the size put me right off, sticking to just the LE controller and a copy of the game. XD

    It disturbs me that you never got the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles CE. Even if you don't get the CE, take the opportunity to atleast pick up a copy of the game. It's one of, if not, the best JRPG I have played. I even made a few run through of it on the Gamecube back in the day. :D The storyline was so engrossing and you feel very emotionally connected to the characters as the story goes along. :D I highly recommend it. :D

    Speaking of the Walking Dead, I recently started playing that too. :D Love it. Now I'm at the point where I'm waiting for the individual chapters to be released and it's infuriating. >.< The Wolf Among Us is awesome too. :D You should give it a look at. ^o^

    Anyway, review South Park Stick of Truth and the CE, assuming you have it? I'm on the fence about whether I should bite the bullet on this one. :D

    Keep up the posts and know that I'm always reading, even if this comment is 2 weeks after you made your post. XD

    Take care V. :D


    1. Hey Cosmic!

      Nice to hear from you :) Not been on CE for a while, just too tempting to buy tonnes of stuff I don't need when I'm on there :P

      Yeah, I only have Watch_Dogs, ESO and possibly one other - that I can't remember what right now, or if there even is another - on preorder now. Really wanted Titanfall too, but had to give it a miss completely (didn't even get the standard copy game haha).

      Ooh, I might have to pick that one up then. I have a few of the other "Tales of" games, but haven't ever really played them as I didn't think they'd be my kind of game. Will get that one once I have some spare cash :)

      Yeah, been meaning to get that (The Wolf Among Us), just other things keep getting in the way :P I'll definitely need to get it though!

      Yes! I actually just logged on here to give a quick update to say that a few things are going to be reviewed tonight, and South Park is one of them :)

      And thanks :) Nice to know that there are still readers on my blog (even though I have SUCKED at getting regular content up)

      V x


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