Sunday, 2 March 2014

Once again...

I'm baaaaack!

As per usual, super sorry for my extended period of absence. But I am back, and I'm back for good!

Over the next few days I shall be doing regular blog updates, with new collection pics, some reviews and maybe an unboxing or two! Haven't bought/received many editions since 2014 started, however I do have loads of things in the collection that I haven't gotten round to showing off to you all yet, so I promise to show you some awesome stuff :)

I have started up a bloglovin' account, so if you have one too, feel free to follow me through it :)

Okay, anyway, I shall get to work with my collection spreadsheet, which I will also post on here, so you can all see what is currently in the Asylum, and it will give you all ideas of what unboxings and reviews will be coming up in the future! And also, you can suggest things from the spreadsheet if you'd rather see those unboxed/reviewed sooner :)

Anything you want to see unboxed or reviewed soon (before you get access to my spreadsheet), let me know in the comments below!

- V x

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