Monday, 31 March 2014

Reviews incoming!

I know guys, I'm sorry! I have utterly sucked ass at getting regular content up on here, but now I'm buying less games, and getting more time to actually complete the games I've already got (since my last post, about completing my first ever game to 100%, I have now completed all of the story of Fable Anniversary and am just doing the last couple of achievements!), I will have lots of new stuff to post on here, and lots more time to do so :)

So here is a quick run down of what is getting reviewed/unboxed, and when you can expect to see it (and of course, there will be other random posts in between them)!

31st March 2014 (today)

Insert Coin Clothing review.
Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier review.
South Park: The Stick of Truth first thoughts.

2nd April 2014

In Fear review.
Monsters review.
Fable Anniversary review.

4th April 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition unboxing.
Collection Room overview.

6th April 2014

Disney Infinity review.

Mid-April (no definite date yet)

Divergent movie and book review.
Trials Fusion review.

There will be other things reviewed and/or unboxed, and posted about in between all of these items, as well as my normal posts about general things, what has entered the Asylum, etc. but this is the definite plan so far :)

Hope you all enjoy the reviews, and continue to read my blog :)
Even if I suck at updating it.

Anything you want to see reviewed/unboxed, that I haven't mentioned above?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

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