Monday, 15 June 2015

E3 2015 Predictions!

So E3 is upon us, and no doubt with it, a tonne of new announcements to be excited about. And as we do every year, the E3 countdown has us discussing (at length) what we expect - or hope - to be announced, shown or teased with each conference.

So, we decided that it would be a good idea to post our E3 predictions, so that we can look back afterwards to see what things we've totally called, or what we've been WAAAAY off with.

We have not been reading any leaks, rumours, etc. that are already out there. We may have vaguely seen things pop up online (damn you Facebook), but we have tried to avoid as much as possible, so that 1. We can be properly surprised during E3, and 2. So that we can do our predictions with as little outside info/rumours influencing us as possible.

And it's not just mine and Allan's predictions, we also have our friend Steven over so he has decided to give us a few of his predictions, too. 

So here are our E3 2015 predictions! Broken down as to what we think will be revealed during each conference, and then if we think of anything else, but can't tag it to any one conference in particular. Three points for correct info revealed during correct conference, one point for correct info that's revealed in a different conference to the one we suggest. No points (obviously) for incorrect info.


Allan: Gameplay demo for Fallout 4.
Steven: Yep, opens the conference, starts with you walking out the vault.
Vanessa: Nope, opening the conference with Doom. They'll end the conference with Fallout 4. Saving the best till last. No point showing it first then that's all anyone cares about.
Steven: Good point, buuuut Doom could also be considered best, maybe? Online co-op for Doom possibly.
Allan: A sequel for a game. Guess what one I'm thinking?
Vanessa: I dunno?
Allan: It's one we played the demo of at Gamescom.
Vanessa: Ah, Dishonored!
Allan: Yep, Dishonored 2 announcement.
Vanessa: Yeah, makes sense since it's been a while since the first.
Steven: I've got a feeling that they'll show another Elder Scrolls.
Vanessa: No chance. Elder Scrolls Online has just launched for consoles, and Fallout 4 is their priority. No TES6 yet.
Steven: Mmm, I dunno. I think they might. Were Skyrim and New Vegas not shown and/or released around the same time?
Vanessa: Can't really remember tbh. Fallout 4 release dates? I'm guessing November 20th, this year.
Allan: November 27th, Friday release.
Steven: November 28th.

So that's our Bethesda predictions, so far. The rest of our predictions shall be posted soon (but had to get Bethesda's up since their conference is soonest).

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below!

V x

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