Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nintendo E3 Predictions!

Here's our Nintendo predictions! Sorry they're slightly late, we've only just realised the stream has gone live, so have missed some, oh no!


Allan: I'm betting for a new Starfox.
Vanessa: Yeah, could be.
Allan: New Mario game too.
Vanessa: Focus on Nintendo NX.
Allan: More characters revealed for Smash Bros, etc. I want Goku!
Vanessa: Haha, you wish. I think there will be more "innovation" talk.
Allan: Hopefully they show the new The Legend of Zelda game.
Vanessa: I don't think they will, wish they would though.
Allan: If they want to salvage anything, they'll need to show it.
Vanessa: New Pokémon game I hope. Separate to the usual "colour" titles.
Allan: Yeah, might talk more about Pokken.
Vanessa: What?
Allan: That Tekken/Pokémon type game.
Vanessa: Ah right,
Allan: I know I've already said it, but Smash Bros. Looooots for Smash Bros.
Vanessa: New IP. More Splatoon talk.
Allan: Amiibos.
Vanessa: Yoshi's Wooly World.
Allan: They might bring back an old franchise too, like Metroid.

So what are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

V x

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