Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sony E3 Predictions!

Ahh! Almost too late to post this, but here are our Sony E3 predictions (which we've been seriously discussing for the past hour, almost missing the conference!)


Vanessa: More Assassin's Creed coverage, as usual w/ exclusive content.
Allan: Yeah, 
Vanessa: PSVita price drop.
Allan: Yeah, and if so, we'll definitely get one. Been wanting one for ages. Tearaway PS4 coverage.
Allan: Yeah, 2015 release date. I'm hoping for a Crash Bandicoot, although unlikely.
Vanessa: Yeah, I'd love that. As long as it's like old Crash.
Allan: Maybe another Killzone, or something along the lines of inFamous. New game from Insomniac?
Vanessa: More Ratchet and Clank footage.
Allan: A lot about Project Morpheus, and what games support it. Think it'll mostly be open world, first person, artistic style games.
Vanessa: Yeah, more on that rental game thing Sony have going on... the loosely "backwards compatible" thing.
Allan: Yeah.

So that's our Sony predictions!

We did have more but I have lost my notes (oh no!) 
So will post the rest in an edit later once I find them...

What are your predictions? Let us know in the comments below!

V x

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