Monday, 15 June 2015

The official return of the Asylum!

Hi guys!

Long time no see :)
Woo! First post of 2015 and that's us halfway through the year already - oops!

Sorry - once again - for the long absence. Lots has changed for us here in the Asylum since I last posted. Around a month after I last posted on here, I lost my job, and since then we have had to suddenly move house (landlord was selling our old house) and we had a baby! 

And to add to the drama that is our lives - we received the letter informing us of the landlord's intentions to sell (thus wanting the property back) within the first half of March, and one week later (on the 20th March) we discovered we were having our second baby! And then, just six weeks later (on 1st May) we welcomed our beautiful daughter Eva into the world :)

Yes, you did just read that right. Six weeks from finding out to giving birth

Sooooo... yeah, a lot has been going on. But now we're back (from outer space...) and this time we mean it. Lots of content coming both today, and in the future! And to start it all off, here are a few pics of what our new house is shaping up like just now (collection hasn't been moved into the shelves just yet as everything is still spread out between both of our parents' houses) aaaand E3 starts in just a couple of hours, so in just a moment, I shall be posting our E3 2015 predictions!

Our room! Apologies for the crinkly curtains, just needed them up as we have workmen outside the windows at the moment haha. This is before the shelves were brought in today, this was *just* after we finished decorating.
The other side of our bedroom. Ignore the mattress, we got a new bed so now have a spare mattress, which was just there whilst we had to figure out what we were doing with it. Couch has since been moved to the bottom of our bed as that's where our shelves are now.
The shelves are in! Still need to put the shelf inserts in, and then move in all of the collection of course.
Appropriately dressed for E3!
So what have you all been up to? And what are your E3 predictions?

Let me know in the comments below!

V x

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