Tuesday, 14 July 2015


So to try and keep this place moving swiftly - and being the best that it possibly can be - I am going to sort out a schedule that I can stick to, in order for you all to have regular updates.

It was always in our intentions to get the YouTube channel back up and running also, so at some point this week, I shall start that up again, too.

For now, the schedule will remain very basic. It will literally be a case of, every Monday, I will post an update regarding everything we have played in the past week, and what our thoughts/opinions/etc. are.

Thursdays I will be posting a CE vote (once the YouTube channel is back into the swing of things), more details of this below :)

Sundays I shall be posting reviews, either of new releases, or older releases, and can be for movies, games, figures, whatever! Some weeks you will get a chance to vote, and some weeks you won't. 

Random postings (so cannot be tied down to a schedule) will still be happening, such as "Entries to the Asylum" which will happen as and when things are being received. This will also soon tie in with the YouTube channel, as we will not only be posting a text/photo update on here when things are received, but a quick unboxing video*, too.

*By unboxing, I just mean opening up the package the item(s) are/were received in. Not an unboxing of the CE itself.

For the YouTube channel, it'll be slow at first, just posting as and when I can for the first couple of weeks, but then I plan on getting into the routine of doing the following:

Wednesdays: Unboxing video of a CE, as voted by you guys. CEs up for vote for each week's videos will be listed on here every Thursday. Eg: I will list 3 CEs that you guys can choose from each Thursday on here. The CE with the highest number of votes by 23.59 GMT on the Tuesday, will then be unboxed on the Wednesday. 

Fridays: I will be posting a Let's Play type video, but just to give you some advance warning - these ones won't start for a little while after the YouTube channel is back up. Purely because I will run out of time to do everything else I've listed here, whilst having a crazy 4 year old, and a tiny baby to deal with, too!

And last but not least, Saturdays we shall be streaming live on Twitch (or other streaming outlets) for a while, just showing a little bit of whatever we happen to be playing.

So, what do you all think about the schedule?

Too much or too little?
And do you have any good ideas of things we could incorporate?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

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