Monday, 10 August 2015


After a very hectic, emotional and draining couple of weeks, as briefly explained in my last post, I'm back. Well... tomorrow. Ha ha :)

I'm going to be recording a video walkthrough of the new house and the collection, of course. I know you guys have already seen photos, etc. but I'm gonna do a video as then you get to hear me talk about stuff and also you'll get a better feel for the house and the layout, etc.

I tried to take a video a few days ago for you all, however, the second I switched on the camera, Eva woke up - typical. So I will get one recorded for you all tomorrow (and posted tomorrow). 

I apologize in advance for the state of the house. It's still a work in progress, and I'll say this in the video anyway, but it really is a mess in some parts. The hallway - as a whole - needs a lot of work. It needs flooring, and it needs the walls painted, at least. There was carpet down before we moved in, but it had to be removed, and we haven't yet been able to get it sorted. Same goes for the kitchen, although we have semi-sorted the walls in there, they've had their first coat of paint.

So ignore all of the ugly bits, like the ugly-ass flooring in the hallways and kitchen, the walls in the hallways and the cupboards.

Anyway, catch you all tomorrow! Make sure to check back for the video :)

- V x

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