Monday, 14 September 2015

Entries to the Asylum - 12th September 2015.

Another late posting, I know. But here are our latest entries to the asylum, all from Saturday the 12th September 2015!

- Grand Theft Auto III [PS2].
- Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King [PS2].
- True Crime: New York [PS2].
- The Simpsons: Road Rage [PS2].
- Spider-Man 2 [Xbox].
- King Kong 2-Disc Special Edition [DVD].

Another little charity shop haul. Really love going into the local charity shops for a good rummage, as you can usually find some good old titles that people have handed in. Obviously it can be a bit hit and miss, as some weeks nothing will have been donated, other weeks tonnes will have, but not necessarily any good titles.

One of the three charity shops in our local shopping centre recently had a PS2 copy of Manhunt on the shelf, which I instantly grabbed (as we don't yet have a physical copy of it), however they had misplaced the disc, so obviously I couldn't buy it. Was pretty gutted, but hey, there's always eBay, etc. - I'm not in any rush for it or anything like that, I just picked it up through convenience of it being there. Anyway, a week passes and I go back into the same charity shop. Manhunt is on the shelf again. I grab it, excited as they must have found the disc.


They just put it back on the shelf despite the disc being missing, to get my hopes up once again. Argh! 

But yeah, if you are ever looking for cheap pick-ups to bulk out your collection, especially of older titles, then charity shops are great. Yes, the cases might be slightly damaged, or dirty, or missing manuals, but it's up to you to check and see if you're willing to go for it anyway :)

The copy of Mafia that I picked up last time was FILTHY. Like, to the point I'd be embarrassed handing that into a charity shop. It was covered in some sort of liquid, but it looked burned on. Think burnt spaghetti sauce, or something along those lines. Absolutely covering the case, front and back. For 99p though, I thought "why not?", since we didn't yet have a copy of Mafia, and figuring if the case was beyond saving, I could switch it out with a better one once I get home, but after just a couple of scrubs with some baby wipes and it was good as new.

So yeah, even the worst looking of pick-ups can sometimes be remedied!

What have you gotten in your collections recently? Any charity shop/flea market finds?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

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