Thursday, 3 September 2015


So I took a whole load of new photos of the collection room yesterday (or was it the day before?) that I am going to get uploaded today.

I was planning on getting them uploaded last night, however I ended up in hospital for 6.5 hours (only to be told they don't know why I'm in pain, so I was to just go home again) so that kinda messed up my plans!

Anyway - I'm gonna get them all uploaded today, and once again, they are just shots of the shelves, although this time they are up close and I will list what is on each shelf, too.

This way you can get a better feel for how the shelves are laid out, and also, it means you'll find out more about what we have within the collection, so that you can all give suggestions as to what you'd like to see us unbox/review the edition/review the game/possibly even do Let's Play videos on.

So check back later tonight for all the photo-ey goodness!

- V x

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