Friday, 4 September 2015


Sorry for not posting the promised photos last night. Discovered that the only wire we have to connect my camera to my laptop... Allan went and took to work and forgot about! He will hopefully get it back tomorrow, but in the mean time, I am going to see if there is any other way I can get them uploaded (even if it means getting a loan of a wire from a friend) as I don't want you all to wait any longer.

I also did a quick semi-unboxing of a couple of things, just one thing from each of the tall shelves, however in doing so, I realised that I cannot wait until we get our downstairs cupboard sorted out - the soon-to-be "cubby-hole" as the lighting in our rooms are awful, and I really want to have a dedicated space for taking images for these unboxings.

We are due to be doing more in terms of decorating very soon, so hopefully it won't be too long before the cubby-hole is ready :)

So anyway, apologies for the wait, I will have these images up ASAP!

- V x

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