Saturday, 19 September 2015

Second-hand pick-ups.

As a slight follow up to my earlier post regarding charity shops being great for cheap pick-ups to bulk out your collection, even if it means you need to clean up a case yourself, here is a little example from today.

Today I picked up What Lies Beneath from Capability Scotland for a very respectable £1. Cool slipcovered version, with some special features.

When I picked it up off of the shelf, I noticed that the case was a little grubby. Dusty, mostly. I showed it to my mum who replied with "I thought you had that one" (which is pretty much her standard reply to everything I show her). I told her no, and that it was a little dusty, but nothing some baby wipes wouldn't fix.

So, fast forward to now, when I have arrived home and naturally, the first thing I want to do is clean up the case.

Et voila.

Look at those baby wipes. *shudders*

Obviously whoever donated it had been a heavy smoker, and without it having a single clean edge prior to me wiping it, it just looked like it was supposed to be dull (and the odd texture I put down to the fact it was a little dusty).

Now I'm not saying don't pick up smoke-stained items, as they are still as likely to be remedied as items that are just plain old stained, but sometimes when looking at an item, you might not notice just how smoke-stained it is.

I certainly didn't.

And that concludes today's public service announcement!

Have you managed to grab a bargain on something that just needed a little bit of TLC? Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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