Saturday, 31 October 2015

Entries to the Asylum - Saturday 31st October 2015

It's Halloween guys! Sadly I've not received anything super spooky today, which would have been fitting, however I have received not one, not two, but three awesome things in the mail!

- Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition [Xbox One].
- Back to the Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition [Xbox One].
- Playstation 20th Anniversary Steelbook [PS].

Very happy with all three items and can't wait to get into the games (and Allan can't wait to splash that £20 voucher on the Playstation Store from the Steelbook!).

I am just about to do a quick video for you all, just showing off the room a little. I do apologise, it's not the neatest, and also, we have a cot in the room taking up a chunk of space so apologies for what you won't really be able to see due to that (mainly just a TV with the Halo 4 LE Console, LE Pikachu N64 and then my Bluray Steelbooks/small editions).

But anyway, check back soon for that!

- V x

PS: I have not long woke up as of recording the video, so I don't think I'll show my face, especially as I badly need to wash my hair and am currently sitting with my Pikachu hat on (from last month's Loot Crate) ha ha.

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