Friday, 23 October 2015

Update and PATREON.

Hey guys, sorry for slacking on those posts I promised you all a few days ago. Other things have been on my mind (it was the first anniversary of my granda's death this week, sadly) and I've just not been up to sitting getting everything uploaded.

This will however change tomorrow. Our son is off to his gran's tomorrow so we'll be able to get a decent amount done.

I am also going to be opening up a poll in a few days for what you'd like to see us unbox first. Aaaand, we've created a Patreon page. We know it's highly unlikely that we will get many (if any) subscribers, but you never know until you try, eh?

So you can subscribe to our Patreon page here. More will be added to it over the next few days, it's still very basic at the moment.

So check back for loads of cool new stuff tomorrow!

- V x

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