Thursday, 5 November 2015


When we moved into our new house back in May, there was a lot that needed to be done. The last people who lived here had really done a number on the place. Holes in the walls, everywhere. Nails sticking out of the walls, again everywhere. Some rather creepy locks on the outside of doors. And not to mention, the place was filthy.

Now, before we moved in, and we had just viewed the house, there was flooring down throughout. Carpet in both bedrooms and the hallway, tiles in the bathroom, and laminate in the livingroom and kitchen. We had requested that this would all be left down, as having just given birth to a baby we'd only known about for 6 weeks prior to her birth, and having just lost our previous house as the landlord decided to sell up, we had no means of paying for new carpets and such ourselves.

Only, whilst they were removing everything out of the house that had just been left behind, flooring was damaged, so they ripped it all out (bar the livingroom laminate, and the tiles in the bathroom). At first we were raging, as the flooring underneath was dirty cracked tiles and concrete. Not what you want around a 4 year old and a newborn. But when we moved in, we were semi-glad.

There were bugs everywhere. 

We had to call pest control out, and get them to spray the entire house. Once that was sorted, we then got onto decorating. We thought we'd be decorating for a few weeks, and then we'd be done. How wrong were we? Six months on, and we're still not done. We're mostly done, to be fair. Our bedroom is complete. The kids' room is complete bar Eva's wall, but we couldn't decide what to do for that - however we finally decided last night, so that will be done shortly! The livingroom is complete, the bathroom too. All that still remain to be finished are the kitchen, and the hallway.

The kitchen's walls are mostly done, all they need is another coat of paint and they should be done. We do have a part-brick wall in the kitchen however, and this is still needing repainted, but really, it won't take long to do. We still need flooring for the kitchen, as we wanted to finish the walls first, as we'll then need to fill in the cracks in the floor and somehow level the floor, too, before we put down flooring. But once we do that, the kitchen will look great.

The hallway is a whole other story. We still need to finish painting the hall. It's mostly done, but it was done purely for quickness (and to stop it from looking so grubby), so the edges of the walls are needing painted still, right in where the wall meets either a corner or the skirting. Our hall runs over 3.5 floors, so it's a lot of wall to paint. We've used 4 big tubs of paint so far, and will probably need at least another two. And then once we've done that, we'll need to paint the skirting and the banisters, and then finally get flooring sorted out too. But as I said, our hallway runs over 3.5 floors, so carpet is gonna cost us a fortune.

We really want to have it all sorted in time for Christmas, but time is fast running out. We're also trying to get the house properly tidied, too. It seems like this house gets so much messier than the last house, but that's probably down to size increase.

So if you notice us missing any posts over the next few weeks, the decorating, as well as our son's birthday (which is in just over two weeks' time) will be what are distracting us.

But we promise! We are going to get lots of new stuff up for you anyway, bringing you new content as often as we can. For instance, we are going to be live-streaming Rise of the Tomb Raider for you all either tonight or tomorrow (depending on if we can get it done tonight or not). So we hope you'll all be looking forward to that!

Anyway, what have you guys all been up to?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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