Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy new year guys!

Ringing in another year in the Asylum, with plenty of games, movies and much more to come! Over the past 12 months, we have had a lot of change here. It's been a difficult year for us, with the loss of my Granda in October 2014, making last New Year a painful one, then me losing my job in January, finding out we were expecting little Eva in March, losing our house in April, welcoming little Eva into the world in May (and getting a new house 11 days later), sadly losing my Gran in July, and then between July-December, it just being a long mash of trying to get our house sorted and dealing with the various problems that arose there, we're definitely looking for 2016 to be much better. 

Obviously we did have something good happen in 2015, with Eva being born, but the year overall was just tainted with so much sadness, and difficulties.

Since around November '14, I've been planning a big surprise for Allan . It took lots of saving, and is the best I've ever managed to keep a secret ever (if you don't know me, I buy him surprises and before he's got them, I'm like "will I just tell you what it is?" until he gives in and I can tell him!). His dream has been to own the Japanese released Dragon Boxes that were released for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and the Dragon Ball Movies. There's five boxes in total - Dragon Ball Z is split over two volumes - and they usually go for insaaaane amounts of money.

 Well, I saved up, and tracked them down for a pretty decent price, and have had them stashed away for a little while. 

Until now.

I was intending to give him them on February 29th, since it's a leap year and I thought that would be cool and everything, but I was worried he'd then think it was a proposal, haha! So I decided, what better way to end 2015/begin 2016, than to surprise him with his dream "Entries to the Asylum".

So, as of last night, the final Entries to the Asylum post for 2015 gives us:

- Dragon Ball Dragon Box.
- Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box Vol. 1.
- Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box Vol. 2.
- Dragon Ball GT Dragon Box.
- Dragon Ball: The Movies Dragon Box.

I really should have recorded him opening the box to see them, but I didn't really think. I was hoping to have some of the cast of the Funimation dub record a quick clip for him just saying hi, and whatnot, but sadly, despite my greatest efforts, I couldn't get anybody to reply to me, lol.

It would be typical that I'll get a reply in time for my original planned date of the 29th Feb, but oh well! 

And with 2016 just begun, I'm really looking forward to what the year has in store. Lots of exciting new movies and games, and hopefully lots of new stuff for us here in the Asylum too.

So, did you guys have any last minute 2015 purchases? 
And what are you looking forward to in 2016?

Let us know in the comments below!
- V x

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