Saturday, 2 January 2016


So we're on to day two of 2016, and all I've done today is cry over The Vampire Diaries. I'm not up to date with it - at all - and I imagine that there's plenty of other people out there that intend to watch it at some point so I'm not going to ruin anything for any of you, all I will say is that the reason I was crying was over a death. And considering the frequency of deaths in that show (with a large percentage of them later coming back in one way or another), that's not spoiler-y at all.

After having lost both my grandparents within a year of each other, I'm still really struggling as they were practically like parents to me. I still cry about them almost every day, which I know is probably not healthy in any way, but it's what helps me. 

I don't really like talking about what's bothering me, or showing my feelings too much, so aside from what I'm writing here, I don't really share any of this with people in real life. Getting a good cry whilst watching shows and movies helps me, as it gives me that release of bottled-up emotion and playing games helps me to escape for whatever length of time I'm playing for, and of course, having two kids to run around after helps too.

A lot of the long periods of absence from me on here are usually tied to either having too much to do in real life (since, as I'm sure you saw in the last post, we've had a rather hectic year), or the as-above-mentioned points where I'm struggling to stay positive.

I usually put on an overly-positive front, in some kind of attempt to protect myself from any sadness, or negativity. It doesn't always help, but I like to think that in some ways, it does.

I also like to plan things, and write out lots of lists, to try and keep myself motivated in order to try and get things done, but I find that I lose my will to do things quickly diminishing. But every thing I do manage, I count as a small victory, that even though it may not look like much, I have done something.

My plans for this year involve getting this site updated frequently, preferably on some sort of schedule for the most part, as well as getting some form of YouTube presence (not that we'll suddenly be famous or anything haha, just you know, actually get our unboxing videos, etc. uploaded for once!), and hopefully get more known within the community (although I expect that that won't happen).

Outside of the "Asylum", we'd like to finish decorating the house - all that needs to be done is finish Eva's side of the kids' room, and touch up some paint throughout the house, and save up to possibly go on a small holiday either this year or next. I would also like to get down to my target weight and no doubt change my hair another million times, but we'll see what the year brings, ha.

So, what are you all hoping for 2016?
Let me know in the comments below!

- V x

PS: Sorry for getting totally down in this post, but I just needed to get it all out!

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