Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Defiance Press Kit.

Just realised that I've forgotten to include photos of the little notebook that was in this too, so will come back and edit later!

But here it is!

Really nice little set here, very good quality.

The front of the briefcase.

And the underside.

Open it up and we see a letter and a plaque.

Under the letter we can see a small metal case and a t-shirt.

Up there is the Promo Disc, a PS3 copy.

Two little pen holder bits.

Double snap fasteners so that you can make this pouch-y part bigger if necessary.

The metal pen case.

Inside is the pen, which is a 3-in1 pen. It's a pen, a laser pointer and a USB drive.

Some instructions.

Better look at the pen.

And the USB drive built in.

The title plaque, which is so hard to photograph!

The letter inviting you to the beta.

The reverse of the letter.

Kisai watch box.

Comes with two extra pieces incase you need the strap bigger.

It's actually a really nice watch, and is rechargeable too. Really need to charge it up :)

Here it is, on my whiter-than-white Scottish skin haha. I didn't have to use the extra pieces at all, but I can imagine most other people having to.

And the logo on the clasp part. Ignore my tattoo haha, it badly needs a touch up.

And finally the t-shirt. I folded it in half just to make it easier to photograph :) It's an American Apparel t-shirt in size M. Not sure if this set came in different sizes or if they were all sent out with Ms as standard.

So, do you like the look of this Press Kit? Do you own a copy? What are your thoughts?
Let us know in the comments below!
And remember, feel free to suggest what you'd like to see next!

- V x

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