Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dragon Ball Dragon Box.

So this here was part of an elaborate gift for Allan, that I was intending to give him at the end of this month, but ending up giving him at New Year :)

As you all likely know, Allan is a massive fan of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z. He already had quite a variety of things in the collection, however the set of Japanese Dragon Boxes were his ultimate dream. However, he thought that they'd be out of reach forever (usually they are listed at insane prices on eBay, etc).

However, I used some money left to me by my grandparents as well as saving up a bit, in order to treat him to the set. Here is the first in the collection, the Dragon Ball Dragon Box:

As you can see, despite its age, it's actually still in relatively great condition, minus some seperation of the glossy coating at one side of the base - the box itself is still intact, it is just the coating that has split.

In seven volumes within the box, and laid out in the traditional Japanese way, of reading right to left.

The spine of the box depicts the image of Goku on his Flying Nimbus.

The reverse shows Goku again, this time on Shenron.

Closer look :)

Underneath we have various details about the release, such as its 4:3 aspect ratio, its region and also its original retail price of 105,000 yen. Nowadays 105,000 yen equates to just over £600! However, I am unsure of what the exchange rate was back when this was originally released on the 7th July (my birthday!) 2005. This was also the third Dragon Box to be released, despite being the first chronologically, as the two volumes of the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes were released the year previous.

Here you can see what the art is like on the individual volumes inside. Each one depicts a character on the front, this one being Kid Goku, and the reverse shows a selection of characters.

Sorry for the slightly blurry close up, but as you can see here, it shows a selection of characters, and in small writing underneath the words Dragon Ball DVD Box Dragon Box, it states a sort of code for this volume. Each volumes code is the same, except for the letter at the end changing, this one being A, and them following on B, C, D, etc.

Inside the first volume, and again we see that the discs too are laid out in the traditional Japanese style of R-L.

On the second volume we have Yamcha.

Discs of the second volume.

On the third volume, we have Master Roshi, Bulma and Puar.

Discs 9-12.

Here we have Krillin on volume 4.

Volume 4's discs, 13-16.

Volume 5 shows us Tien.

Discs 17-20 inside volume 5.

Piccolo on the cover of volume six.

Inside of volume 6.

And finally, Goku, all grown up now, on the cover of Volume 7.

Inside Volume 7, it's slightly different. Instead of four discs, we only have two, but we have a Dragon book, containing various information and artwork from the series.

Underneath the book.

The reverse of the book shows Goku and Chi-Chi in their wedding hovercar :)

Better look :)

Various bits of art and info (all in Japanese however) amongst the pages of the book.

I absolutely love this shot.

So do you have this edition? What are your thoughts?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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