Monday, 1 February 2016

Loot Crate.

So we've always been big supporters of Loot Crate. Having been subscribers for over two years now, and currently members of the "1 Year Club" or whatever, where you get a Loot Crate t-shirt if you sign up for a year's subscription.

We have also purchased their SDCC Creature Crate, and then the Fallout 4 Crate too.

We have seen them create other "one-off" themed crates: Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Star Wars, etc. We have seen them create other monthly subscriptions: Loot Anime and Loot Pets. And now? Well now we have our first "bi-monthly" crate starting up - the Firefly Crate.

Oh, and they're also soon to be starting Loot Gaming, another monthly one, all to do with.... well, gaming...

Now, maybe it's just me, but this is getting beyond a joke now. And it's really making me have second thoughts about keeping my subscription past when my year is up. 

Sure, when they announced the SDCC one, we were happy. Finally, a cool, simple way to get access to some SDCC Exclusive goodies, that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten. And again, the Fallout 4 one was announced and we were excited. And then the Mass Effect one was announced, and we thought, really? Not much time had passed since the Fallout 4 one at this point. Then the following month came the Call of Duty one, and the month after that was Star Wars... and it's not like they're super cheap.

I know that it's not a case of "YOU MUST BUY THEM ALL", as they are designed so that everyone can get a chance to get a crate "perfect" for them, or whatever. But if you like all of the ones they reveal, then you're pretty much fucked.

We really wanted the Star Wars one, but being at the end of the year meant we had no spare money to get one. Then we really wanted to sign up for Loot Anime, but we really can't afford to take on another monthly subscription. Firefly - sure, we love Firefly. But do we really care enough to want to pay $50 every two months for a box of Firefly stuff, when we already have 2 subscriptions going on currently (and another for the wee man)? And again Loot Gaming... does this mean that the standard Loot Crates will no longer include any items referencing gaming?


I surely can't be the only person feeling overwhelmed with how much they are trying to do. Was Loot Crate not successful enough, that they had to try and pin down specific corners of the market? What about the customers who liked that the crates were a mix of different things? Sure, one month you might not get the greatest selection for yourself, but another month might be amazing. AND THAT IS WHAT A MYSTERY BOX IS ABOUT. THE MYSTERY DAMMIT.

We had planned on doing an unboxing series on our Loot Crates every month, but we're seriously debating over whether or not to go ahead with that, since what we'll be getting might now be neglected of Anime and Gaming memorabilia, we might just throw in the towel with Loot Crate altogether.

And before anyone jumps in and says bu-but that's what Nerd Block does! Yes, we know Nerd Block have their specific types of subscription box, such as Arcade, Boys/Girls Jr, Sci-Fi, Horror and Comic, but do we really need both subscription companies - which are naturally already competing - to be competing even more?

What are your thoughts on Loot Crate expanding? Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?
Let us know in the comments below!

- V x

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