Saturday, 26 March 2016

Entries to the Asylum - Friday 25th March 2016.

[Failed to post again, like an idiot! SORRY!]

One entry into the Asylum today, and also this month's Jr. Nerd Block for the wee man (which he was super happy about):

- Enter the Gungeon Limited Edition Cobalt Blue Plush.

Super duper happy to have this. As soon as we discovered its existence, we just had to have it. Desperately want the yellow one too, but as it wasn't limited (and we couldn't really afford both), we went for the Cobalt Blue variant only for now, and will pick up the other as soon as we can.

It is an adorable little thing. I took some photos, however I need to locate my camera's wire so I can post them so I will come back and add the images on later!

The swing tag has a bonus code for you to redeem on Steam for a copy of Enter the Gungeon. I was super excited thinking that meant we'd be able to play instantly, but sadly it's still locked until release (which is totally understandable haha).

Available exclusively via the Devolver Digital Store, he can be found here for $45 plus shipping. He's extremely limited (only 200 in existence), and comes with a little yellow velcro-detachable gun :) The yellow variant plush comes with a blue gun, so you can mix and match between them!

So I'll just have to cuddle up to my little friend in the meantime.

Did you nab one of these plushies?
As I imagine with only 200pcs worldwide, they won't be around for much longer!

- V x

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